BALL CHANGE - Back and forth motion in any direction. Weight is shifted off the standing leg and onto the ball of the foot of the other leg, and then the weight is shifted back to the standing leg.

BATTEMENT (baht-mah) - A smooth, quick kick of the leg from a standing upright position to a lifted position.

BARREL JUMP: Basically a jump in the air with both legs bent back from the knee and both arms in the air in any basic pose.

BARREL TURN: A turn with your arms straight out but one is higher than the other and as you turn the arms switch heights. The arms can stay opened or closed during the actual turning action. The body stays bent forward and the dancer spots the floor or to the front.

CHAINES (sheh-NAY) - Fast sequence of two-step "chain" turns.

CHASSE (sha-SAY) - One foot "chases" the other foot in a sliding open-together-open motion.

COUPE (koo-PAY) - At the ankle.

DEMI - A small or half movement.

DEVELOPPEE (de-ve-lo-PAY) - To develop. Usually refers to a leg movement. From a standing position, one leg draws up slowly, tracing the toes of one foot up the supporting leg, up to the knee then extend the leg away from you. Developpes are done front, side, and back.

GRAND - A big or bigger movement.

HITCH KICK: This is like the famous "Karate Kid" finale kick! You give a little jump up with one knee in the air, and as soon as you hit the ground the other leg whips into a high kick. The former move is a preparation for
the high kick.

JETE (zhuh-TAY) - A leap in which the moving (front) leg kicks swiftly straight.

JAZZ HANDS - Palms facing forward or turned out with fingers stretched and spread.

PAS de BOURREE (pah-duh-boo-RAY) - Three steps in a sequence of back-side-front.

PASSEE (pay-SAY) - Bring pointed foot to knee.

PIROUETTE (peer-oh-WET) - An in-place turn on one leg.

PIVOT - A half turn on the ball of the foot that twists the body in a different direction.

PLIE (plee-AY) - To bend at the knee.

RELEVE (rel-uh-VAY) - Raising the body into the balls of the feet.

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