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Looking for a Fitness Class that's Fun and Challenging?

Accent Dancers has your fitness classes covered!

The Accent Dancers fitness program is offered in morning, evening & weekend hours of our studio/boutique. Our boutique is unique in that we cater to you, the customer. Our certified instructors ensure that you receive high quality, personalized instruction each time you enter our door and leave satisfied. !e also provide other services that would normally cost you extra at gyms (i.e., complimentary weigh-in/measurements; nutrition discussions, etc.) These differences are what makes us unique!

Call or text 571-408-9505 to confirm class availability or for any questions.

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Supportive Supplements

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Percussive Therapy

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Spinning Class

Spinning Class

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Percussive Therapy Details

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Our Classes Include:


An amazing combination of both the beloved Zumba styles with Hip-Hop flare! Both styles/genres of music is used class for ultimate fun and calorie-burning! Class is offered to cover all levels. WEDNESDAYS, 730-830PM. PLAIN ZUMBA is on SUNDAYS, 5-6PM.


A full body, kick-butt workout, punching & kicking your way through a hour of calorie torching! Any level/experience may attend. SATURDAYS, 10-11AM.


A strictly weights-based class, focusing on HIGH-REP toning for the entire body. Get Strong & Chiseled!! Weights are provided in class and open to any level/experience. FRIDAYS, 6-7PM.


A workout technique which uses the entire body, with or without weights, in which effort is given-all out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Also keeps your metabolism revved-up hours after the workout. All levels/experience welcome. ALTERNATING SUNDAYS, 4-5PM.


Strictly concentrating on the abs and core through several types of core workouts. Not just sit-ups, baby - planks, weighted exercises, twists, and more! All levels/experience welcome. WEDNESDAYS, 7-730PM


A mat-based class, combining Pilates + Yoga type moves with dynamic, non-stop movement! You'll sweat, stretch, strengthen, all in one workout without weights or jumping. No bulk; just powerful & lean. ALTERNATING SUNDAYS, 4-5PM & SOME TUESDAYS, 7-8PM


Experience all the benefits of Yoga has to offer in three different types of classes. CORE focuses on the abs and core for a stronger power center followed by stretching to relax tired muscles (MONDAYS, 7-8PM). VINYASA uses continuous power movements with the breath to achieve strong, lean muscles (THURSDAYS, 10-11AM--Tentative).

Summer Fitness Package

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