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June 2022, the DEL community, "Movement Sentence Choir", in the theme of "We Are The Joy," led by 92NY Artist in Residence and co-director of Music from the Sole, Leonardo Sandoval, and DEL facilitator and co-founder of Summation Dance Company, Sumi Clements

Black Heritage Observation Performance

6th Annual Movement Sentence Choir

Napier Wedding Photos


Check out some of my moves in the Movement Sentence Choir Dance Film, seen approximately at these times, :15, :55-:57, 1:04 & 3:11-3:15!

See More on Vimeo: Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) Movement Sentence Choir 2021 from Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) on Vimeo.

Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)

Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)

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